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Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Transition of Care from Hospital to Home

We understand how challenging it can be during the hospital to home care transfer, and we want to make sure your care transition goes as smoothly as possible. We provide medical tranportation to and from medical facilities or homes. Call Us Now To Book!
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How Patient Care Transition Work

The transition from hospital to hospice care often begins with mutual agreement between the patient’s primary care physician, the patients, and their families about hospice care. This involves introducing the benefits of hospice for end-of-life care, which emphasizes quality of life, symptom management, comfort, and emotional support for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses.

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Transition to Home Care
  • Comfort and Safety Measures
  • medical evaluation and assessment for transitioning from hospital to hospice care at home

    When a patient transitions from the hospital to hospice care, the medical assessment and evaluation include a thorough examination of the patient’s health status, requirements, and preferences. The medical assessment and evaluation before transfer includes:

    • Comprehensive assessment of the elderly patient’s general health
    • Evaluation of pain and other symptoms
    • Emotional well-being, spiritual or psychological issues of the patient
    • Assessment of the patient’s ability to receive hospice care at home
  • Medical Transportation from hospital to home near me hospice care services at home

    The patient’s transfer from the hospital to their home is arranged in a safe and comfortable way. Plans will be made with medical transportation providers or non-emergency services to assist with patient transportation.

    It is typically encouraged for family members or caregivers to travel with the patient in hospice care, together with the hospice team.

    This can provide emotional support to the patient and help in the transition process. The hospice care team facilitates a seamless transition from hospital to the patient’s home.

  • elderly care for seniors with terminal illness

    For comfort and safety measures, the hospice care team will perform a pre-transition monitoring of the patient’s home environment for fall prevention. The hospice team prepares the medical equipment and supplies in the patient’s home.

    Proper education and training to the family members and caregivers about the hospice care plan for the patient’s comfort and safety will be provided by the hospice care team, including emergency preparedness and how to address common issues.

    The hospice team ensures 24-hour support availability and regular home visits to actively monitor and handle concerns or emergencies to avoid unnecessary hospital transfers.

Medical Transport near me hospice care services at home

medical transportation services

Eligibility For Medical Transport from Hospital to Home Care

The hospice team, along with hospital health professionals, often determines eligibility for medical transport. The key factors that determine if a patient qualifies for hospice care transfer from the hospital are the patient’s prognosis and medical condition such as:

  • Diagnosed with a terminal illness or condition
  • Medical prognosis of no more than six months
  • Medical treatments intended to treat the patient’s illness are no longer effective or working
  • Patient’s who are approaching the end of their lives, who desires comfort-focused care rather than curative treatment 
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When should the transition from hospital to home hospice care be considered

When curative treatments are no longer effective for a patient’s disease, the transition from inpatient to home hospice should be considered. Generally, the patient, their loved ones, and any medical professionals involved in the patient’s care, such as hospital staff or a primary care physician, work together to make this decision.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transport

The purpose of non-emergency medical transport to hospice care at home is to provide a patient transitioning from hospital to hospice care with a comfortable and safe travel. It is usually staffed by qualified professionals that can help and support the patient during the medical transfer.

Non-emergency medical transport to hospice at home may be reimbursed by insurance, including Medicare or commercial insurance plans. The specific medical transportation for hospice care coverage may vary, so it's important to call your insurance provider or hospice provider about it before initiating a care transfer.

Sincere Hospice is medicare-covered hospice care provider in California. We also accept almost all insurance plans. Call us at (657) 255-8657 to verify your insurance.
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What Our Patients Has To Say About Us

Testimonials From Those Who’ve Entrusted Us with Their Patient Care

"For our family, going with home hospice care was the greatest choice. The Sincere Hospice care staff showed remarkable professionalism and true concern for the welfare of our loved one. I strongly recommend hiring their services. Appreciate y'all help.
"Sincere Hospice has given excellent home hospice care to my family.Our loved one's final days were made more peaceful and bearable by the experienced and supportive hospice team. A really caring staff that understands the value of home-based care."
They provided us with wonderful at-home hospice care. The staff's combination of medical expertise, emotional support, and individualized care during my loved one's final days of life. They truly care and it shows! Thank you Sincere Hospice!

Post-Medical Transport Care

Hospice at home post-medical transfer care is a collaborative effort between the hospice care team, caregivers, and family members. The following are the essential components of home hospice post-medical transfer care:

  • Review of the care plan and make any adjustment if needed
  • Making sure that the patient is comfortable and oriented after the transfer by adjusting the temperature of the space, or arranging familiar objects and many more.
  • The hospice care team is introduced to family members.
  • Assistance with daily activities and personal care if needed
  • The hospice team ensures that all necessary materials and equipment are available and that family members and caregivers receive the appropriate training.
  • 24/7 accessible hospice care assistance 
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Continuity of Care: Smooth Transitions from Hospital to Home Hospice Care

Dedicated hospice care that provides medical transportation for care transitioning from hospital to home. Our services are available in LA County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Orange County California. Our team ensures personalized and dignified care for you and your loved ones during their end-of-life journey.

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