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End of life Cancer Care

Providing Comfort and Support for End-Stage Cancer Patients

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Our hospice team of nurses and doctors are committed to delivering optimal care that incorporates pain management and comfort. We accept Medicare and almost all insurance plans! Call Us Now!

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Sincere Hospice provided our family with great care, with hospice nurses who were not only knowledgeable and responsive to our loved one's medical needs, but also offered a caring and compassionate ambiance. We are very grateful for the excellent service!
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When to call Hospice Care for Cancer Patients?

Hospice care is frequently taken into consideration for cancer patients who have a terminal diagnosis, or a life expectancy of six months or fewer. Usually, this happens when medical treatments are no longer desired or effective.

Providing comprehensive and compassionate care that is customized to each patient’s requirements and choices toward the end of their cancer journey is the goal of choosing at-home hospice care.

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Cancer Patients Eligibility for Hospice Care

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Cancer patients who meet particular criteria are usually eligible for home hospice care. The following factors are frequently considered when determining eligibility for home hospice care:

  • Diagnosis of advanced or end-stage cancer where treatment are no longer effective. Terminal prognosis indicating a life expectancy of six months or less.
  • Patients desire for palliative care or comfort care over medical treatment.
  • A doctor’s certification stating that the patient is eligible for hospice care.
  • Willingness of the patient and family to forego treatments in exchange for comfort-focused end-of-life care at home
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What Our Patients Has To Say About Us

Testimonials From Those Who’ve Entrusted Us with Their Patient Care

"For our family, going with home hospice care was the greatest choice. The Sincere Hospice care staff showed remarkable professionalism and true concern for the welfare of our loved one. I strongly recommend hiring their services. Appreciate y'all help.
"Sincere Hospice has given excellent home hospice care to my family.Our loved one's final days were made more peaceful and bearable by the experienced and supportive hospice team. A really caring staff that understands the value of home-based care."
They provided us with wonderful at-home hospice care. The staff's combination of medical expertise, emotional support, and individualized care during my loved one's final days of life. They truly care and it shows! Thank you Sincere Hospice!

Two Levels of Hospice Care Support for Cancer Patients

Hospice care for cancer patients offers two levels of support: routine care at home and more intensive care during challenging periods.  The level of care is determined based on the patient’s overall condition and symptoms.

  • Routine Home Care
  • Continuous Home Care
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    Routine home care is for people with terminal illnesses that is relatively in stable conditions who require occasional visits for hospice nurse to monitor health and provide compassionate and personalized care to enhance end-of-life comfort.

    This level of hospice care includes medical, emotional support, spiritual assistance, volunteer assistance, grief counseling, medication to manage pain and symptoms, necessary medical equipments and supplies needed to the patient’s hospice care at home.


  • Routine Hoem Care Hospice nurse at Home Near Me in CA

    Hospice continuous home care is an intensive level of care to individuals with chronic illnessess who are in a crisis and need round-the-clock nursing attention due to severe and unmanageable symptoms.

    Within a 24-hour period, our committed hospice staff moves in to offer at least 8 hours of continuous nursing care.

    This home care is intended to efficiently manage severe pain and symptoms, to ensure that the patient get the treatment they needed and prevent unnecessary hospitalization.

Services Included in the Hospice Care Plan For Cancer Patients

Our Hospice care team will create a customized care plan based on the chronic illness and the patient's overall conditions. Our Hospice Care Plan includes the following services:

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Hospice supplies all necessary medical equipment and supplies, including hospital beds and oxygen, as well as supplies needed for home care.

Pain Management

Hospice care teams administer medications and prioritize pain management to provide comfort and relief for patients with life-limiting illnesses.

Nursing Care and Monitoring 

Registered nurses monitor patient’s condition regularly and provide 24/7 nursing care services if needed, with quick emergency response from the hospice team.

24/7 On-Call Support

24/7 on-call support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your immediate needs or concerns.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

We encourage open communication with patients’ families and provide spiritual care providers for guidance and support during challenging times.

Grief and Bereavement 

We offer emotional support during the grief process, guiding families to get in touch with community services for funeral arrangements.

I really appreciate the nurse home care from Sincere Hospice. They were always so professional, kind, and friendly. Their commitment to treating everyone with respect and creating a nice atmosphere was evident in everything they do. I highly recommend their services.

Overall Benefits of Hospice Care For End Stage Cancer

In Home Hospice Care in California 100% Insurance Covered Serving LA County, San Bernardino County and Orange County

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Get a free consultation now to know if hospice care is right for your loved one.

Hospice care can offer the following benefits to you or a loved one coping with advanced cancer:

  • Enhance overall quality of life for cancer patients by providing personalized and compassionate support.
  • Cancer patients can receive hospice care in their homes, close to their loved ones, which promotes a sense of security and comfort.
  • Cancer patients can get pain management techniques to ensure effective relief from physical discomfort and avoid unnecessary hospital transfers. 
  • Hospice teams are made up of specialists that provide nursing services, emotional and spiritual support to help patients and families cope with the challenges of terminal illness.
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If you are considering hospice care for a loved one, schedule a free consultation to learn more about home hospice care for cancer patients. Sincere Hospice & Palliative Care team is here to answer any questions you may have during the consultation

Call Us To Get Free Evaluation 

Call us to schedule a free evaluation. During this consultation, our hospice team will evaluate assess the patient’s needs, medical condition, and overall eligibility for hospice care

Coordination With The Patient’s Physician

Our hospice team will coordinate with the patient’s primary care physician to gather more information about the patient’s health conditions and care priorities

Develop A Personalized Hospice Care Plan

After confirming eligibility, we'll create a personalized care plan for the patient and their family, ensuring tailored support for comfort during home hospice care

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We accept Medicare and most insurance plans

Hospice care for cancer patients is fully covered by Medicare and private insurance plans, no out-of-pocket costs depending on your insurance coverage. Please contact us at (657) 255-8657 immediately to verify your insurance coverage.
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Sincere Hospice nurse provided exceptional care. He wasn't just good at taking care of my loved one, but he was also really kind and understanding. He made sure that our family member felt comfortable and loved. They are also responsive to all my concerns.

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If you're looking for the best in home hospice care near you, Sincere Hospice and Pallative Care is providing pallative and hospice care at home in San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County CA. Call us now to get free hospice care eligibility evaluation. 

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